Embassy of Jamaica Tokyo, Japan

Consular Services - Notarial and Documentation Services

In cases where official documents or their copies must be submitted in connection with certain consular or administrative procedures, it is often required that these documents be legalized or authenticated beforehand by the closest Jamaican Embassy.

The Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo provides legalization and authentication services for official documents at a cost of ¥2,000 per signature. Applicants may submit the documents to the Embassy by mail or in person, along with the relevant fee in cash or bank draft made payable to the Embassy of Jamaica.  Official Receipts will be issued for all payments.

Authentication of Certificates of Pharmaceutical Products

In accordance with guidelines from the Ministry of Health of Jamaica, pharmaceutical companies in foreign countries that are desirous of exporting their products to Jamaica must have the corresponding Certificates of Pharmaceutical Products (CPPs) authenticated by the closest Jamaican Embassy.

For pharmaceutical exports from India, the CPPs should be submitted to the Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo for authentication.

However, before sending the CPPs to the Embassy, it is absolutely vital to have the documents legalized beforehand by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) of India. For the requirements of the MEA in this regard, please consult:missioncons@nic.inorsocions@mea.gov.in

The cost for authentication of CPPs is ¥2,000 or US$20 per signature. Please pre-pay return postage by FEDEX or DHL or authorize the Embassy to use your FEDEX or DHL account number to return the documents. Alternatively, you may send an additional US$20 for return postage by regular mail or US$50 for postage by FEDEX.

All payments should be made by bank draft in the name of the Embassy of Jamaica. Official Receipts will be issued.

Please note that an additional fee of US$10 for bank charges should be included for cheques which are not drawn on Citibank.

The documents and the relevant fees should be forwarded to:

Embassy of Jamaica
2-13-1, Motoazabu, Minato-ku
Tokyo 106-0046 Japan
Telephone: (813) 3435-1861