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Fees & Requirements for obtaining a Jamaican PassportOld Jamaicans passport

The Government of Jamaica began phasing out the old format blue-coloured Jamaican passport in 2002 and has been issuing new machine readable passports. Although the old format passports will remain valid until their date of expiry, persons who have not already done so are encouraged to apply for the new machine readable passport.

New Jamaicans passportThe new machine readable passports are issued by the Immigration, Citizenship and Passport Office in Kingston. All passport applications from outside Jamaica should be made through the nearest Jamaican Embassy or Consulate.

In order to avoid delays, applicants are advised to read carefully the instructions on the passport application form, complete and sign all relevant sections, as well as submit all the necessary supporting documentation.

Passport renewal / replacement applications must be accompanied by the following:

  • Completed passport application form (click here to download form in pdf format *);
  • Original or Certified copy of birth certificate (Officially translated & Notarised documents MUST be submitted, where necessary);
  • Original or Certified copy of Marriage, Divorce, or Death Certificate, as appropriate (Officially translated & Notarised documents MUST be submitted, where necessary);
  • Three (3) Passport-sized photographs (one to be certified by a Notary Public, Jamaican Honorary Consul or Consular Officer);
  • Expired or current Jamaican passport;
  • Police Report in the case of lost/ stolen passport (Officially translated & Notarised, as appropriate);
  • Statement concerning damage, in the case of damaged passports
  • Requisite passport and consular fees.

Passport Replacement-How to fill in application form.pdf

Passport fees:

New Adult Passport - ¥ 14,200
New Child Passport* - ¥ 10,200
Replacement of stolen, lost, unavailable, damaged passport (adult) - ¥ 24,200
Replacement of stolen, lost, unavailable, damaged passport (child) - ¥ 14,200

For express courier arrangements, please make direct contact with the Embassy for further information.