Embassy of Jamaica Tokyo, Japan

Consular Services

Overview of Consular Services

The Embassy of Jamaica is committed to providing efficient and courteous consular advice and service to both Jamaicans and non-Jamaicans.

Among the services provided for Jamaicans are:

  • Passport - Provision of guidance to applicants as well as transmission of the relevant forms and supporting documents for processing to the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA);
  • Issuing  of Emergency Certificates;
  • Facilitating and providing advice on matters relating to Jamaican citizenship;
  • Providing information and facilitating applications for records such as birth, marriage and death certificates and police record;
  • Providing information for returning residents;
  • Authentication of documents;
  • Providing information on Tax Registration Number (TRN) and conducting legal transactions in Jamaica;
  • Providing information on living and working in Japan;
  • Providing information on procedures regarding donations to Jamaican institutions;
  • Providing information on importation of motor vehicles from Japan to Jamaica;
  • Providing information on business and investment in Jamaica;
  • Providing general information on Jamaica to facilitate promotion of Jamaica by Jamaicans in Japan;
  • Assistance (non-financial) and advice to Jamaicans in distress;
  • Assistance in contacting next of kin in the event of emergencies;
  • Information by e-mail on important events in Jamaica and Japan.

Among the services provided to non-Jamaicans are:

  • Providing information on visa requirements for Jamaica and issuing of visas;
  • Providing information on applying for work permit;
  • Providing residency and citizenship information;
  • Providing information and facilitating applications for records such as marriage certificates and police records;
  • Advising on procedures for getting married in Jamaica, as well as procedures for getting married to a Jamaican national;
  • Providing information on visiting Jamaica and studying English in Jamaica;
  • Authentication of documents.

Jamaican Passport Services

Jamaican Citizenship Services

Jamaican Visa Services

Notarial and Documentation Services

Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Certificate of No-Impediment to Marriage

Police Clearance Certificate (Police Record)

Driver’s Licence Transactions

Application for Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)

Jamaican Consular Offices in Asia-Pacific