Embassy of Jamaica Tokyo, Japan

Consular Services - Birth, Death, Marriage and other Certificates

Procedures for obtaining Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Original birth, death and marriage certificates are issued in Jamaica by the Registrar General’s Department (RGD).

Applicants are required to complete and submit directly or through a Jamaican Embassy or Consulate, the relevant application form, along with the relevant payment and contact details of the person making the application. 

The cost for a set of six copies of a birth, death or marriage certificate is US$55 for the ordinary service or US$85 for the express service. Payment should be in the form of an International Money Order, made payable to the Registrar General’s Department.

Applicants may also submit and track the status of their application by visiting the RGD website: www.rgd.gov.jm

The process takes between two to four weeks from receipt by the Registrar General for ordinary applications, and one to ten days in the case of the express service.

Other services provided by the Registrar General’s Department include:

  • Late entry of name;
  • Addition of father’s particulars;
  • Adoption;
  • Late registration and Re-registration;
  • Genealogical research.

https://www.rgd.gov.jm/index.php/documents-and-forms/record-update-forms https://www.rgd.gov.jm/index.php/products-and-service/prices

Procedures for obtaining Police Record

Police records may be obtained from the Criminal Records Office of the Police Department, 34 Duke Street, Kingston, Jamaica.

The following documents should be submitted:

  • Three passport-sized photographs, one of which must be certified by either a Notary Public, Justice of the Peace, Family Physician or Consular Officer;
  • Two (2) sets of finger prints of each hand;
  • Certified copy of the data page of applicant’s passport;
  • Cover letter, addressed to the Senior Superintended of Police and signed by the applicant, requesting the certificate and stating the reason the police Certificate is needed e.g. for a work permit or permanent residence application etc. The application should be addressed to:
    Senior Superintended of Police
    i/c Technical Services Division
    34 Duke street
    Kingston C.S.O.
    Jamaica, W.I.
  • Last home address and place of employment (if appropriate), in Jamaica;
  • An international Money Order in either United States Dollars (USD$), Pound Sterling (£) or Canadian Dollars (CAD$). This should be drawn in the amount equivalent to the Jamaican processing fees and made payable to the Commissioner of Police:

    The Following processing times do not include the time taken to transmit the document and begins on the day the application is received by the Technical Services Division.
    • Normal Service - Twenty-one (21) Working Days - JMD $3,000.
    • Express Service - Five (5) Working Days - JMD $6,000.
    • Next Day Service - JMD $8,000.

Applications may be submitted through the Embassy of Jamaican Japan or forwarded by registered mail directly to the Criminal Records Office. However, a certified letter of authorization must be provided if the police record application is to be submitted or collected by someone other than the applicant. The bearer must show photo identification.

No Impediment to Marriage Certificate

Write a letter of request addressed to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Registrar General and Deputy Keeper of the Records, Registrar General's Department (RGD), Twickenham Park, St. Catherine, outlining the following:

  • Request for the Certificate of No-Impediment to Marriage;
  • Name as it appears in your passport;
  • Your birth details (Date, Place and Parish of Birth), including your birth entry number - this usually appears at number 3 on your birth certificate); and
  • Your Father's complete name.

The letter should be submitted along with the following:

  • Original or certified copy of your birth certificate;
  • Jamaican passport or certified copy of the data page; and
  • A Decree Absolute if you are divorced or a Death Certificate if you are widowed.

Please be advised that the cost for the No Impediment Application, which is to be paid via International Bank Draft (or the Yen equivalent, as outlined below) and made out to the Registrar General's Department is as follows:

  • Usual process -Seventy United States Dollars (US $70.00), which would be ¥11,500 given the Bank charges to be incurred for the International Bank Draft to be taken out by the Embassy for the RGD.
  • Express - One Hundred and Ten United States Dollars (US $110.00) which would be ¥16,500.
  • The Consular fees, which are separate from the above, amount to ¥7,000, which are to paid to the Embassy of Jamaica.

The Processing Time may take up to a month and a half for completion, taking into account the geographical logistics from Asia to Jamaica.

Concerning the process from the Japanese side, we would recommend making contact with the Ward / City Office nearest your place of residence for appropriate guidance.