Embassy of Jamaica Tokyo, Japan


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the old format blue-coloured passport still valid?

The Government of Jamaica began phasing out the old format blue-coloured passports in 2002 and has been issuing new machine readable passports. The old format passports will remain valid until their date of expiry. However, persons who have not already done so are encouraged to apply for the new machine readable passport.

Can I renew my passport at the Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo?

Yes. You may renew your passport through the Embassy of Jamaica in Tokyo, but the actual passport will be issued in Jamaica by the Passport Office in Kingston. The Embassy receives and checks the applications and then transmits them to Jamaica for processing. 

How long does it take to process the passport?

Approximately four (4) weeks from receipt in Kingston.

Can I send the application directly to the Passport Office?

No. Jamaican passports should be transmitted to the Passport Office in Jamaica, only through the closest Jamaican Embassy or Consulate.

What documents should I submit to renew my passport or if I am a first-time applicant?

See Procedure for applying for passport

Why do I need a birth certificate if I am renewing my passport?

The birth certificate is required to establish the database of the new passport issuance system and to aid in verifying the identity of each individual.

Is the old format birth certificate acceptable?

Yes, both the old and new birth certificates are acceptable.

What is the period of validity of the new machine readable passport?

The adult passport is valid for ten years; and five years in the case of children.

What is the cost of a passport?

The cost of an adult passport is ¥14,200; and ¥10,200 for children under 18 years of age. If you are replacing a passport which has been lost or stolen, then the cost for adults is ¥24,200 and ¥20,200 for children.

Do I need to give my thumbprint?

No. The thumbprint is only required of persons who are unable to write.

What should I do if I my passport has been lost or stolen?

You should report the matter immediately to the nearest police station and to the Jamaican Embassy or Consulate closest to you.

If my passport has been lost or stolen, what documents should I present in order to apply for a replacement passport?

See Procedure for applying for passport

Can I obtain a Jamaican birth certificate for my child who was born in Japan?

No. Jamaican birth certificates are only issued to persons who were born in Jamaica. However, if you are a Jamaican, your child born in Japan is entitled to Jamaican citizenship on the basis of descent.

I am a Jamaican national who intends to marry in Japan.  What documents do I require?

You will need to obtain a Certificate of No Impediment to Marriage from Jamaica. Please verify from the Legal Affairs Bureau in your prefecture what other documents you will need to submit in order to get married.

I am a Jamaican national residing in Japan who would like to visit other countries in Asia. Can you please tell me if I need a visa to visit other Asian countries and the procedure for application?

No visa is required for Jamaican nationals traveling as tourists to the Republic of Korea and Hong Kong. Most other Asian countries do require Jamaicans to have a visa, so it is strongly recommended that before traveling you consult directly with the closest embassy or consulate of the country which you plan to visit.

I am a Jamaican national living in Japan and need to change my visa status. What should I do?

Please consult the Legal Affairs Bureau in your prefecture for advice on this. You may also consult the website of the Ministry of Justice of Japan:  http://www.moj.go.jp/ENGLISH/preface.html

I am a Japanese national who would like to visit Jamaica for ten days to attend a conference. Do I need a visa?

No. Japanese nationals may travel to Jamaica without a visa for leisure or on business for up to thirty (30) days.   

Where can I buy Jamaican products in Japan?

Please see the list of Japanese Distributors of Jamaican Products