Embassy of Jamaica Tokyo, Japan

Consular Services - Certificate of No-Impediment to Marriage

No Impediment to Marriage Certificate

Write a letter of request addressed to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Registrar General and Deputy Keeper of the Records, Registrar General's Department (RGD), Twickenham Park, St. Catherine, outlining the following:

  • Request for the Certificate of No-Impediment to Marriage;
  • Name as it appears in your passport;
  • Your birth details (Date, Place and Parish of Birth), including your birth entry number - this usually appears at number 3 on your birth certificate); and
  • Your Father's complete name.

The letter should be submitted along with the following:

  • Original or certified copy of your birth certificate;
  • Jamaican passport or certified copy of the data page; and
  • A Decree Absolute if you are divorced or a Death Certificate if you are widowed.

Please be advised that the cost for the No Impediment Application, which is to be paid via International Bank Draft (or the Yen equivalent, as outlined below) and made out to the Registrar General's Department is as follows:

  • Usual process -Seventy United States Dollars (US $70.00), which would be ¥11,500 given the Bank charges to be incurred for the International Bank Draft to be taken out by the Embassy for the RGD.
  • Express - One Hundred and Ten United States Dollars (US $110.00) which would be ¥16,500.
  • The Consular fees, which are separate from the above, amount to ¥7,000, which are to paid to the Embassy of Jamaica.

The Processing Time may take up to a month and a half for completion, taking into account the geographical logistics from Asia to Jamaica.

Concerning the process from the Japanese side, we would recommend making contact with the Ward / City Office nearest your place of residence for appropriate guidance.